1. You do not need to pay $80,000 or more plus shares of your company to get your company listed on the OTC.BB Exchange. Some groups including attorneys want you to think that unless you are paying more you are not going to get listed fast in a professional way.
  2. We do not have a trading shell to sell you but we will still admit that it is always the fastest way to get your company listed. Shells that report to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission do not have hidden liabilities or problems. Saying that is a scare tactic used by groups that want to divert you to paying them instead of merging with a shell.
  3. Many groups that receive 40 calls or more on their phone per day will tell all 40 callers on the first phone call that they will raise them money if they hire them even when they most likely haven't even read their business plan yet. Raising capital usually takes lots of  time and effort and requires a lot of due-diligence on the part of all involved. Do not fall for these false promises. If someone makes it sound like they're going to assist in raising your company capital have them raise the money first and then they can pay themselves for the process of taking your company public out of the funds that they raise.
  4. There are attorneys that have front men acting for them to find them new victims. One such group is working for an attorney who has not only been convicted of securities fraud but has been convicted of defrauding his own clients. Before hiring any group to take you public we urge you to find out who the law firm and attorney is and do a search of their name at: It will amaze you that they are still practicing law after reading their record.
"Increase your financing prospects today by going public"