Our Services

Bridge Capital Inc. is one of the oldest companies that offer a service to list companies on the OTC.BB Exchange in the country. In fact at one time we were one of the only options if you did a search on the search engines.

We can list your going public company on the OTC.BB Exchange from scratch for a flat fixed fee of $65,000 and 25,000 shares. The money is paid only as everyone performs and your company reaches certain milestones towards a listing. In fact the attorney's do not ask for the final third of their retainer until your company has a symbol on the exchange and you no longer need their services.

The $65,000 and 25,000 shares price includes absolutely every aspect of the listing process including supplying a licensed broker dealer to sponsor your company through the “15C211” filing to FINRA. The only thing that this program does not include is your audit which your company must provide. Your company will have to be audited for the last two years or since your company’s inception. We work with some of the best auditors in the business and would be happy to introduce you to them if you are not already working with one. Make sure that the auditor that you choose is qualified to file SEC audits under US GAAP standards.

Beware of groups that claim that you have to pay a lot more and give up a large percentage of your company in order to get your company listed fast in a professional way. This is completely false. We have listed up to two companies per month on the OTC.BB Exchange and have many public companies that would give a great referral of our services.
"Increase your financing prospects today by going public"