List Your Company

Our 7 easy steps that can get your company trading on the OTCBB Exchange fast...

  1. Pay $21,000 in trust to law firm.

  2. We will provide you with subscription agreements, your offering memorandum and blue sky filings.

  3. You sell any amount of shares for any price per share to a minimum of 35 investor’s.

  4. We will file an S-1 Registration statement with the SEC on behalf of your company.

  5. When the S-1 is approved by the SEC you will pay an additional $21,000 to the law firm in trust.

  6. We will have a market maker sponsor your company through the 15C211 process.

  7. When your company is listed and trading on the OTCBB Exchange you will pay the final $23,000 that is owed and transfer 25,000 shares to us.

Total cost only: $65,000 and 25,000 freely tradable shares.

Bridge Capital’s proven track record guarantee’s you the fastest way to get your company trading!

"Increase your financing prospects today by going public"